Reiki Classes

Reiki helps open the door to your own self and begins the transformation and shifts your awareness which can provide peace of mind, calmness within the body and connection to spirit.  Reiki brings about a sense of relaxation and connection.

By participating in a Reiki class you have the opportunity to learn about the Reiki energy.  You can work on yourself, others or animals. Reiki is a way to reconnect to your truest essence and awakens us to what we already are.


Breathwork is using the wisdom of the breath to connect into deeper aspects of our own self. By focusing on each breath we take it can allow our minds to calm and we can enter a state of extreme relaxation, focus, and peace. We discover through our breath the hidden gems within, allowing us to focus on what is truly important to us.

I encourage you to breath in deeply and exhale completely.

Intuitive Reading

An Intuitive reading can give you insight into yourself and can provide answers to your questions and provide you with a better understanding of your life and "Who You Are" in this moment.

You begin to understand certain influences or patterns by connecting to your soul's experiences and with this awareness.....transformation begins.


More Information Coming Soon!

More Information Coming Soon!


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