Level One

Reiki Level One is an introduction into the energy world. Reiki opens and awakens you to who and what you already are. In Reiki Level One you learn to connect to the wisdom of your own heart and soul - beginning the journey self-transformation and self-awareness. You will learn how Reiki can balance and align your energy on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level allowing for a greater sense of peace & happiness.  You will also learn the history of Reiki, review the basic hand positions, scanning, and go through an attunement process. You will get an opportunity for hands on practice as well as tapping into your intuition.

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Level Two

Reiki Level Two continues the inward journey.  You begin to understand more of who you are by diving into the mental & emotional aspects of yourself bringing greater self transformation & awareness.

Transformation is the process of gaining more awareness of our infinite potential and realizing we are truly the creators of our life

In this class we will introduce the three Reiki symbols, review the material learned in level one, review how to do sessions with others, and go through an attunement process.

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The Level Three Master Teacher level is continuation of learning and growing and stepping more into our own truth. Trusting ourselves more and opening to the infinite flow of energy.  You will study two more symbols and will learn the process of doing attunments (if you choose to teach).

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Reiki means – “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy” or “Universal Life Energy”



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